People Are Promoters

Billions of people are constantly searching for the latest news, trending topics, How to? tutorials, products, people, places, images and more, ready to share and tell someone what they found on the internet.

Powerful Social Audience

With more than 7.19 billion smart devices across the world people are always on the go and are in need of finding the right information faster with the ability to search and share their sources socially.

Search Creates Viewership

Statistics show that the highest top visited search box (example: Google) can receive an average of 3.5 billion searches per day but does not effectively use the untapped ad space (See our Ad Share Option 2).

(Option 1.) Keyword Express:

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(Option 2.) Ad Share:

We have conducted multiple studies on different groups of people varying in age ranges across the USA, UK and other various countries (male and female) and discovered that more than 93.5% of the people in each group payed attention to what ad sponsor was being displayed underneath the search box each time before they began a new search query.

Currently our unique and effective Ad Share feature gives people the ability to share whatever ad that appears underneath our search box before starting a new search query. Facebook and twitter as well as an email sharing option gives people access to promote any ad shown that may benefit or interest friends. This Advertising option is ideal for companies who want to become our Ad Sponsor and help our business reach more online searchers and help fund our growing community.
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